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The Right Cut
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The Right Cut

Fleisher’s Grass Fed and Organic Meats is a pioneer in the world of meat production, providing an alternative way to eat better meat. What makes Fleisher’s different is their dedication to using only locally sourced meat from small, organic, sustainable farms and their commitment to using every part of an animal. This is what responsible … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Urban Agriculture and Gardening

A friend of mine recently commented in a discussion about gardening that “It’s interesting, I’ve always thought that farming as a practice is somewhat like gardening. There are similar aspects to both don’t you think?” To the layperson that comment from my friend would have gone without much thought, it sounds reasonable so why not … Continue reading

Finding Community through Farming: The Children’s Harvest
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Finding Community through Farming: The Children’s Harvest

By Brooke Elliott Living in New York it can be hard to find a real sense of community. So much is happening at once that finding natural comforting places is a challenge. For some people, a walk in central park is enough to cure the passing blues, but another great option is participating in a … Continue reading


The Possibilities for Urban Agriculture

What are benefits of urban agriculture? It can provide fresh produce for the community, while reducing transportation emissions by growing food locally. It provides an outdoor space for residents. Additionally tending to the garden can provide a means of getting physical activity and some sunshine on good days. A community garden can bring the community … Continue reading