Urban Agriculture: Tonic or Toxic?
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Urban Agriculture: Tonic or Toxic?

Ever since I was child, I have been mother’s little helper in the garden. Organic, fresh, vegetables were always the preference in our household. Then, with maturity came my acceptance to college and my big move to New York City. To no surprise, there is only a limited number of organic produce available in most … Continue reading

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Aquaponics in New York City

Urban agriculture combines both urban and agrarian cultures. Agriculture built farmlands; industrialization built cities. The industrialization of agriculture led to monoculture, chemically-intensive food, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, hormones, and output was valued more than nutrition, generating profit rather than solving the hunger crisis. Urban agriculture has emerged as a rapidly growing movement to help solve the … Continue reading

Can Urban Farms Be Sanctuaries for Bees?
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Can Urban Farms Be Sanctuaries for Bees?

By Rachel Nehemiah Of all pollinators, bees account for the greatest amount of pollination: about 80-90 percent worldwide. And we can thank bees for about one third of our crops too – things like onions, broccoli, chilli peppers, watermelons and pumpkins rely on bees for pollination. Being so important, not only to the world as … Continue reading

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Proctor Academy & Educational Urban Farms

Seoul, Vancouver, Boston, New York: I spent the majority my life in cities. I feel more comfortable around grey skyscrapers and speeding taxi cabs, than bugs, wild animals, and evergreen trees. Perhaps you can imagine my surprise when I started at Proctor Academy, a small, experiential boarding school in Andover, New Hampshire — out of … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Urban Agriculture and Gardening

A friend of mine recently commented in a discussion about gardening that “It’s interesting, I’ve always thought that farming as a practice is somewhat like gardening. There are similar aspects to both don’t you think?” To the layperson that comment from my friend would have gone without much thought, it sounds reasonable so why not … Continue reading