Urban Agriculture: Tonic or Toxic?
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Urban Agriculture: Tonic or Toxic?

Ever since I was child, I have been mother’s little helper in the garden. Organic, fresh, vegetables were always the preference in our household. Then, with maturity came my acceptance to college and my big move to New York City. To no surprise, there is only a limited number of organic produce available in most … Continue reading

The Right Cut
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The Right Cut

Fleisher’s Grass Fed and Organic Meats is a pioneer in the world of meat production, providing an alternative way to eat better meat. What makes Fleisher’s different is their dedication to using only locally sourced meat from small, organic, sustainable farms and their commitment to using every part of an animal. This is what responsible … Continue reading

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Urban Agriculture: Need for a focusing event

I am a Social Research and Public Policy major taking “Introduction to Urban Agriculture” class. Although these two subjects in one sentence might sound odd at first, one will eventually understand that the two are in fact not mutually exclusive. Recently, a couple of policy recommendations to encourage urban agriculture and the provision of healthy … Continue reading

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What’s Dirt Got to Do With It?

I love dirt. Dirt is important to me. When I was six my sister refused to let me sit on her bed because apparently there was dirt in my hair (there was). It didn’t really bother me though because the time I spent outside, investigating each blade of grass and each creepy crawler, was worth … Continue reading

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From Communes to Cabs

When I first arrived at the NYU Urban Farm, I was quickly struck by one thing in particular- how orderly everything seemed to be. My only previous experience in agriculture had been at a permaculture-style farm community called Gaia Yoga Gardens on the Big Island of Hawaii. Needless to say, the farming practices and were … Continue reading

Food Preservation: The Way of the Past and the Wave of the Future
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Food Preservation: The Way of the Past and the Wave of the Future

By Clare Hyre Canning, freezing, dehydrating, fermenting – these are all components of the great art of food preservation. But preservation was just something our grandmothers or even great grandmothers did, right? Not anymore! Countless numbers of books and articles have been written on preservation, just check out the New York Times for daily canning … Continue reading