About the Farm Lab

Welcome! Like our spiffy sign?
Like our spiffy sign?

Welcome to the NYU Urban Farm Lab blog!

The Farm Lab, located  on the south side of 110 Silver Towers at Houston Street and Wooster, is  the first urban agriculture project in the City of New York on a Landmarked site (with Landmark approval, no less).

A consortium of groups led by the NYU Steinhardt Food Studies program and the Silver Towers Tenants Association received a Green Grant to fund the Urban Farm Lab, which is directed by food studies professors Jennifer Berg and Amy Bentley. An Urban Farm Lab Steering Committee is also being set up to incorporate input from NYU community groups.

Maintained by a cohort of students enrolled in the Urban Agriculture class led by professor Laurel Greyson, and supported by work from generous volunteers, the farm will be used year-round for teaching and research about urban agriculture in New York City.

This blog will track the farm’s progress, and feature guest posts from the first students to participate in running the farm. We hope you stop by and say hi.


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