Urban farming will do to you what Spring does to the cherry trees!

Recent studies have found that the experience of growing food have tremendous health benefits for city dwellers. Urban agriculture is not only picturesque and cosmopolitan but for the self-made city farmer, growing your own produce may be more pocket, environmentally, and self-friendly. Not only will you be saving more dollars, but apparently growing your own food will make you appreciate and eat your veggies more often. Gardeners show a higher pattern of fruits and vegetables intake than your average person. There is a lot of nutritional knowledge acquisition involved as well as much more exposure to raw consumption of living plants.


Gardening and farming your own food will also provide physical and mental relaxation. Making time to grow your own food can be a stress reducer or even a form of meditation. Farming is known to have natural therapeutic powers, as the individual becomes attached to what they are watching and helping nurture and grow. The process can be a pure act of labor induced by love. Mentally, working in an outdoor setting or with cultivating living things can have rehabilitating effects on the individual. In urban environments, the lack of green scenery can be daunting and depressing. Giving yourself a small amount of space within the concrete jungle can led to numerous health, social and inner benefits.

-Karla Salcedo


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