Bomb-shelter farms…Growing Underground


A new phenomenon is taking form in the world of urban and innovative agriculture, bomb shelter farms. Scientists now believe that we have only about 60 years left of top soil and with water pollution and an ever expanding population farming has been forced to take on a new form.

Growing Underground created by Stephen Dring and Richard Ballard is an initiative to develop sustainable urban farming. The underground environment can be climate controlled depending on whatever crop is growing. Similarly, hydroponic techniques are used which allows for completely soil-less growing.


This new growing method is aimed to fully launch as a commercial farm in 2015. They are in the mist of answering the common question, why underground? They respond, “We knew you could grow where you didn’t need light, when hydroponics and LED light would do it instead. From then on, we found an LED supplier in Finland; we knew of this tunnel and it was just a case of getting the keys for these tunnels from our landlord, Transport for London (TFL), which they handed over really easily.”

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