A First Experience on a Farm

For someone who has never stepped foot on a farm, entering a class where most of my classmates have already had some previous experience or connection with a farm was extremely intimidating. It has now been about 6 weeks since my first Intro to Urban Agriculture class and I absolutely love it. To be completely honest with you, I did not realize that this course would be conducted on a farm or better yet, an urban farm lab. The idea of the farm as a lab is integral to the learning experience that this course offers. We are not only learning about the techniques and business of farming, we are actually tangibly experiencing farm life in an urban setting.

While prior to my Urban Ag class I hadn’t visited any farms, I have visited a wine vineyard in France. I guess you can say that’s a type of farm; I am finding a lot of similarities between our small farm lab here at NYU and the vast fields of grape vines in the vineyard in France. Knowing the amount of work that it takes to just keep our little farm up and functioning, I have come to appreciate the efforts that the farmers at wine vineyards and farms throughout the world do from day to day. I honestly believe that you can’t really come to appreciate something until you’ve experienced it yourself.

While I am not too sure where my farming skillset that I am developing will take me. I do know that taking this course at the NYU Urban Farm lab has opened my eyes up to a world I was at one time so disconnected from. Not only have I gained such respect for the farmers of America, I have found myself more eager to learn about the different urban farms throughout our country. Urban farming is not only something that is present in New York, cities like Oakland and Detroit have been utilizing urban farms to feed their communities for years. By bringing farms to the city, horticulture is providing urban residents with an authentic and close connection with the food they eat, something many still have yet to experience.

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