What happens when urban agriculture and technology meet?

The amount of labor required is one of the greatest constraints to urban farming. You have to plant seeds, fertilize the soil, water the plants, harvest your plants, and more. How does one get around this labor constraint? Well, the solution for the past few centuries has been to introduce new technology that will make the job easier.

Everything is being made more computerized and automated. Look no further than the automobile industry which started with a basic, old Model-T and has now evolved into cars with built-in computers giving passengers a wealth of information that ease their driving experience. Now lets apply that same idea to urban agriculture. Imagine being able to remotely water and care for your urban farm from the comfort of your home. The only physical work required would be to plant the seeds and to harvest the plants once they are fully grown. The environment, watering, anything involved with maintaining your plants will be handled by an automated system that you can control anytime and anywhere with a tablet.

This is exactly what Santa Cruz based company, Cityblooms, has created. They have taken urban agriculture one step further with their cultivation modules that allow you to control the environment your plants grow in. They utilize hydroponic micro-farms with “closed-loop” irrigation system that continuously circulates and reconditions a nutrient solution fed to plants which maximizes water efficiency. Their cultivation modules produce fresh greens and vegetables bi-weekly. Through the internet and cloud computing, Cityblooms allows you to regulate and control the food you grow from any computer or mobile device.

Urban farming done with a touch of the finger
Urban farming done with a touch of the finger

Urban farming has the great benefit of producing local, fresh vegetables but for many people and organizations it’s just too much work for them. Cityblooms circumvents the issue of labor required for farming by introducing computerized systems to the mix. Their ease of use has given greater amounts of people access to fresh vegetables. Just one weeks ago Plantronics, a large audio communications company, partnered with Citybloom as part of their global commitment to sustainability. They have started using Citybloom cultivation modules to provide their employees with healthy meals.

Cityblooms’ cultivation modules

For the past decade, Cityblooms has been focusing on urban farming solutions that are lightweight, modular, efficient to operate, and easily replicable on rooftops and other underutilized spaces. Such an approach is only possible with Cityblooms. The added ease of use to growing fresh vegetables that they provide could be introduced to New York City and help spread the urban farming movement.

You can learn more about Cityblooms from their site, http://www.cityblooms.com/.

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