‘Women in food’ panel: Fellow foodies talk careers, policy, and urban farming

Us urban agriculture students were a lucky group last week: a cross-section of distinguished women working across the food industry convened in our classroom and shared their thoughts on gender, farming, food policy, and more.

Some of the women currently farming at NYU.
Some of the women currently farming at NYU.

The panel, largely made up of Food Studies graduates, included Meghan Boledovich, PRINT restaurant’s forager; Megan W. Moore, an accountant for food writers, farmers, and small businesses; Stephanie Rogus, a doctoral student in NYU’s food studies focusing on health policies and behavioral changes; Chelsea Zimmer, a freelance food stylist and blogger; a former World Wildlife Foundation conservation worker; and Christina Ciambriello, an urban farmer and NYU staffer.

The group offered advice on blazing careers in the food world; pressed for a greater focus on changing policy to protect our food systems, farm workers, and SNAP; and celebrated urban agriculture as a wide-open space where both men and women can make an impact.

Here, some highlights from our conversation. We’d love to hear your thoughts — add to the discussion with your comments below!

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